Thousands of customers say that they cannot find a contact when they have a problem. With SumSocial, we increase the accessibility of your company by removing the distance between you and your customers. In the developing world, customers want to be able to reach the company at any time and actively use social media channels for this. Would you like to instantly follow any tweets posted about you on social media and solve the problem or meet the demand? Or was that day a positive day in your company's perception of society? With Summarify it's much easier and faster than before.

Would you like to learn how easy it is to report the problems of your customers with SumSocial?

SumSocial constantly monitors your company's account or the tweets, posts and content posted in the keywords you specify on the social media channels you specify.
When new content arrives, it analyzes these contents with various artificial intelligence and natural language processing algorithms. Identifies important topics, organizations and people.

It also determines the positivity / negativity of the comments in general, the most positive and the most negative comments.
It then reports these analyzes with simple interfaces that you and your team can understand.
In this way, you can instantly access your customers' problems and take action accordingly.