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With a fresh look to NLP tools, we yield the power of Turkish among us. You don't need superheroes to solve your problems while we are here!



Are you lost among thousands of documents you don't know what it is? With SumDoc, 2 clicks can make everything more meaningful.



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What We Offer?

We give you the competence to use your customers and employees in the most efficient way.

NLP Services

Power up the understanding of your machine to another level. AI and Deep Learning based text processing tools for Turkish language.


Summarify support team is always with you. We provide technical and usage consultancy.

Customized Products

We provide not only text summarization but also special tools for your company in various fields such as finance, sales and marketing. Get the solution that suits you with our scalable software services.

Target Oriented Solutions

We produce solutions that can scale according to your company's goals and focus on results and goals.

Our Case Studies

Stop wasting time and money designing and managing a website that doesn’t get results. Happiness guaranteed!

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Competence Management

Would you like to perform more accurate performance tests by fully mastering your employees' competencies? Summarify categorizes employees according to their competence from the SWOT Analysis, Text in the Performance tables, and helps you easily find people with that competency within the company for any open position.

Document Enrichment

You have physical data that you archive and want to digitize it best? Summarify corrects the mistakes made by OCR style technologies with deep learning models while going digital, and optionally enriches the document with summary and classification.

Digital Content Producers

Despite the tons of content you have as a digital content producer, don't your users reach the right content? With Summarify, you can classify your content within seconds and extract summaries. Thus, your reader reaches the appropriate content in seconds.

Call Center Management

Are you dealing with thousands of call center calls a day? So what do your customers report or complain about the durability of your newest product? Do you get more or less refund after changes to your phone and correspondence texts? Using Summarify, make deep analysis with your call-center data and see the theme that customers are telling with its predictive power.

Social Media Monitoring

Do you want to follow what is written on social media about your company or competitor and measure the perception of the society? Summarify first compiles what your customers on social media say about you with its social monitoring product, and then offers you a reporting service about your customer by performing various operations on this compiled data.

Perception measurement

You have a marketing company and want to measure how effective your marketing / advertising work is? Summarify analyzes and reports to you how the society perception of society has changed before and after the marketing / advertising work with various models. In this way, you can see the effect of your marketing efforts on the market much more clearly.

Personalized News Abstraction

You have a bit of time, but do you need to follow the agenda? Summarify provides you with a personalized news experience by instantly summarizing the news data it collects from hundreds of sources.

Open With Summarify

There is an article you should read, but is it too long? Any article can be opened within the application and access the highlights and summary of the article in any length by Summarify.