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The Art of Text Summarization & Natural Language Processing

Summarify is the Swiss pocket knife of Turkish NLP, utilizing a wide variety of cutting edge tools to address all your NLP related problems

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All the news, except the ones you don't want to read, is within your reach with just 2 clicks. Anytime. Anywhere.
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With a fresh look to NLP tools, we yield the power of Turkish among us. You don't need superheroes to solve your problems while we are here!
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Are you lost among thousands of documents you don't know what it is? With SumDoc, 2 clicks can make everything more meaningful.
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Thousands of customers say that when they have a problem, they cannot find interlocutors. Get instant access to thousands of customers' requests and problems with SumSocial.
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See our products, services and case studies that can all be customized and scaled for your every need.
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What Do We Offer?

With our solutions and consultancy, we offer you the opportunity to get the best out of your customers and employees in the most efficient way.

NLP Services

Power up the understanding of your machine to another level. AI and Deep Learning based text processing tools for Turkish language.


Summarify support team is always with you. We provide technical and usage consultancy.

Customized Products

We provide not only text summarization but also special tools for your company in various fields such as finance, sales and marketing. Get the solution that suits you with our scalable software services.

Target Oriented Solutions

We produce solutions that can scale according to your company's goals and focus on results and goals.
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